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What Are We Doing?

Thank you for joining us at the Wild About Bigbury & Ringmore Event on 12th September. 

If you'd like to explore the Tithe Maps, click HERE to visit the Devon Environment Viewer and using the tools at the top right of the page, choose the Tithe Mosaic base layer. Then in the 'layers list' tool, untick the Historic Environment layer and instead choose the Digitised Tithe Map Polygons layer with the two sub layers of Tithe Polygons and Comments. Finally, enter your postcode at the top left and it will zoom in to it. From there you can zoom in or out. Click on any plot and a box will appear with the details but you might also have to click on 'related tables' and 'related records' to see the full information about that plot. Have fun!

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Plastic Free Bigbury Bay

Wow what a great reaction to Whaley’s 1st appearance on Bigbury Bay and to our NO PLASTIC message written on the sand by Local Farmer John Tucker. Please share your photo and thoughts on a plastic free Bigbury here:

Thank you to all the Businesses that came out on the evening of Thursday 10 August to discuss a Plastic Free Bigbury Bay! It was a real joy to see so many connections being made and so many who truly care for the natural world. Whaley from 'Til the Coast is Clear' will be on watch at Mount Folly farm until Sunday 13 August then Whaley makes an appearance on the beach in the morning. Cllr Rufus Gilbert kick started our campaign by donating £500 from Devon County Council funds. Read  what Caroline Voaden, prospective Liberal Democrat MP for Totnes Constituency, had to say about our event. here

Bigbury Net Zero is committed to achieving 'Plastic Free Bigbury Bay' and we say:

Whaley is taking heart that there are lots of people who live on dry land but are trying to do something as big as Whaley... to make our seas safe for marine life. Lets do this for all the Whaleys in the sea!! 

BEACH ASSEMBLY - Sat 12th November 2022 - 2 pm

Our second Beach Assembly coincided with a Global Day of support for the ambitions of governments at COP27 who are continuing to work on strategies to keep global warming below 1.5 deg C.  We need to move faster was the message form the beach.  We all need to get Carbon Savvy, measure our personal carbon footprints and make the journey to a low carbon lifestyle. 

The Island Assembly
21st Feb 2022

Local government, community groups, social entrepreneurs, organisations,

farmers and businesses met at the Burgh Island Hotel to meet in person

and forge partnerships and further engagement to reduce our community carbon footprint and rebuild natural habitats.

Key Note Speakers:

Farhana Yamin (International climate change lawyer and Chair of BNZ),  Dulma Clark  Social entrepreneur, Head of Livebarefoot Fund at Vivobarefoot and Devon Environment Foundation.  Nigel Topping UN High-Level Champion for the UK 


Sixty delegates heard from leading local experts:  Mukti Mitchell - Director Carbon Savvy ; Peter Brown - Chair Yealm Community Energy; Als Parker - Director Devon Energy Collective; Mark Hodgson - Founder and MD of Co Cars; Jonathan Smith - Director Farm Carbon Toolkit; Lynne Kenderdine - Manager Avon Valley Project Devon Wildlife Trust and Guy Parker - Director of Wychwood Biodiversity Limited.

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