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Bigbury is more than just a beach. Those who live here are custodians of much more than just the view.  We are the vanguard generation accountable for its sustainability in the era of the world's climate and nature emergency. Bigbury's Carbon Footprint is 18.8 tons CO2e per person per year.  The average UK footprint is about 15 tons.  The average in Sub-Saharan Africa is 0.8 tons.  Our emissions affects the existence of others and Life on Earth. 

The Bigbury Carbon Footprint is higher than the average footprint in South Hams and in the UK due to over reliance on oil-fired energy, overseas flights and lack of shared or public transport . The Bigbury Carbon Footprint is made up of 450 households,  seven farms covering 1,00 acres and a few local businesses.  You can use the free Carbon Savvy Footprint calculator to measure and update your calculations as you move towards net zero.  

Farm Net Zero works with farmers throughout the UK to provide expert, unbiased advice on how to reduce a farms carbon footprint.  Farmers undertake field based research and benefit from learning through farm tours to talk to real farmers about their profitability and carbon emissions. A free farm carbon footprint tool helps to record and guide progress towards net zero.

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What Are We Doing?

Bigbury Net Zero is working with the community to reduce our carbon footprint and nurture the environment. We provide information, eg in our parish magazine: Bigbury News. We support individuals and groups eg arranging free hire of Thermal Imaging equipment. Bigbury Net Zero also organises, supports and advertises projects and events that focus on eco-friendly living, protecting wildlife habitats and raising awareness of the climate and nature emergency.

Bigbury Net Zero was HIGHLY COMMENDED  by BBC Radio Devon's  Make a Difference Award  2022 - Environment sector. Listen to our interview here

What Can You Do?

  • Measure your own carbon footprint 

  • Find out about the small steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Join with your neighbours to make a difference by forming a 'Transition Street' 

  • Find advice and suggestions in our Bigbury Net Zero articles in Bigbury News

  • Sign up for the Bigbury Net Zero Drums email

  • Follow Bigbury Net Zero on Facebook

  • Help organise, support and attend the events and projects below.

  • Tell us about your 'green' projects and look at what some local businesses are doing:

       Bigbury Golf ClubVenus Cafe and Burgh Island 

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