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Like all rural parishes, Bigbury suffers from poor access to public transport, which means that most people have at least one car.  Large numbers of visitors are attracted to the beach, coastal path and to play golf.  Yet none of our car parks offer a fast public EV charging point  and there is no community bus or carshare scheme. 

If you are making a longer journey and cannot use a bus or train for some reason - it might be cheaper and emit less carbon if you hired a Co Car from Kingsbridge. 

Local authors and former Bigbury Footpath Wardens have made maps of our local footpaths available on the Bigbury Community website.  If you discover and problems with the local footpaths - please contact the footpath wardens via the parish clerk.

There's a bus on Tuesdays from Bigbury on Sea to Lee Mill via Modbury and Ivybridge. Check the timetable and where it stops.  Travel Devon Have an Interactive map of the bus routes on Devon.  Check GWR train times here.  Here is a recent review of the latest Travel Apps that help you smarten up your travel options

What Are We Doing?

Bigbury Net Zero raises awareness of transport carbon footprint through Bigbury News features and the Carbon Savvy footprint calculator. We have applied to the National Grid for the connection of fast EV charging points with local business. We promote subsidised bus and taxi services through Bigbury Net Zero Drums and we're investigating options for a Co Car carshare option locally.

What Can You Do?

  • ​Find advice and suggestions in our Bigbury Net Zero articles in Bigbury News

  • Sign up for the Bigbury Net Zero Drums email

  • Follow Bigbury Net Zero on Facebook

  • Try to carshare whenever possible - it's greener and cheaper.

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