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Wildlife in the South Hams  AONB is under extreme threat from Climate Change and loss of habitat.   Without our concerted efforts to rebuild habitats in our gardens, farmlands, riverbanks and seashore - some species are tottering on the brink of extinction. Local action to monitor, rebuild and conserve our wildlife is of great importance and very rewarding.  Nature wants to live, and will live, if we give it a chance. 


Many households in Bigbury are reliant on oil or LPG-fuelled space heating and hot water provision. This is why we have above average carbon footprints per household. (see our Community page). Fuel costs are rocketing. Reliance on fossil fuels is not future-proof because the government will be bringing in legislation to curtail its use so that the UK can comply with international agreements to reduce fossil fuel consumption. From our comfortable lifestyles in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty our emissions already cause severe life-threatening weather catastrophes in other parts of the world. If we want to redress this injustice and the impact of global warming on the next generation we should try to move towards more electricity – either by producing some of our own renewable energy or switching supplier to a green energy supply as soon as possible (or both). Find out more about energy and insulation here.

What Are We Doing?


Bigbury Net Zero has a thermal imaging camera and is recruiting a team of volunteers in Bigbury, Aveton Gifford, Ringmore, Kingston and Modbury to help householders and businesses find where the 'cold spots' are in their buildings and make a plan to keep warm over winter.  This project is funded by South Hams District Council. To book a free survey or volunteer to help in your village - contact Bigbury Net Zero,

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What Can You Do?

  • ​Find advice and suggestions in our Bigbury Net Zero articles in Bigbury News

  • Sign up for the Bigbury Net Zero Drums email

  • Follow Bigbury Net Zero on Facebook

  • Borrow the thermal imaging camera from Bigbury Net Zero

  • Register an interest in the Bigbury Energy Renewal forum here

  • Check this website to find out if your home is eligible to upgrade your boiler.

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