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Our Community

Understanding | Teamwork | Sustainability

Bigbury is more than just a beach. Those who live here are custodians of much more than just the view.  We are the vanguard generation accountable for it's sustainability in the era of the world's climate and nature emergency


Our Future

We love our Dark Skies.  The stars reach out to our hearts on a clear night.  They speak to us from generations past and those who are yet to be born.  What we decide to do now will be remembered  forever.

Some of Our Volunteers

A treasure trove of expertise and passion is being discovered as volunteers join up to devise ways that our community can protect the environment and rebuild nature in Bigbury.  

Our Local Business Supporters

Giles Fuchs.jpg
Louisa & Mike venus.jpg

Louisa & Michael Smith- BNZ Committee & Venus

“Amazing commitment & energy.  Proud to be part of it”

Giles Fuchs - Burgh Island co-owner

“In a damaged world it’s wonderful to help at grassroots level to make a difference.”


Jamie & Ellie - The Beach Shop


Dave & Lynda - Herb Heaven, BNZ Committee

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 15.28.29.png

Jas & Jazwinder - Holywell Stores


Fish Family- Challon's Combe Organic Meat & Dairy

Cathy & Gordon Case.jpg

Cathy & Gordon -  Folly & Willings Organic Farm 

Caroline Barker.jpg

Caroline Barker -  artist

Jason P.jpg

Jason Pheasant -  GM Bigbury Golf Club

“We have a duty to do all that we can for the Environment"

Shop local, save petrol and support local business

Local Government Supporters


Our Partners

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